Butterfly Effect Campaign

Going back to the effect of a BUTTERFLY EFFECT storm.

Ten years the brand has delivered a bold idea that has been prepared and cherished with confidence. “So different!” “Strange!”, “unique!” exclamation marks are often uttered when BUTTERFLY EFFECT "flaps". This is where we sit down and talk about the UNIQUE story.

Original colors extracted from nature, bold and abstract, the conveyed message in BUTTERFLY EFFECT is as strong and special as the aura that LADY SBHN possesses. Representing the image of LADY SBHN, Tieu Vy, wearing the BUTTERFLY EFFECT design, created an iconic image. The new spirit of the SBHN girl: contributing to society, living in a world full of love and optimism.

Two years of cherishing for a campaign that brings a great change, BUTTERFLY EFFECT was born with a history and a colorful fairy tale, packed with concept and Brand's DNA. It set eager eyes on a journey of constant change into the new reality. SBHN has found its ideal metaphor for a new world of diverse wonders, bringing them to life with powerful BUTTERFLY imagery that promotes a constant message of positivity.